The Department of 特殊馆藏与大学档案 is located on the third floor of the John P. 雷诺,年代.J.,图书馆,R360室. A 十大靠谱网赌平台地图 提供校园方向和停车信息.


  • Monday – Thursday, 8 AM – 4:30 PM (Visitors from outside of 十大网赌线上网址, 9 AM – 4:30 PM)
  • 仅限星期五预约. 
  • 未经预约的研究人员不得入内.
  • Visitors interested in viewing the JRR Tolkien Display may be admitted by staff at the Circulation desk. 


Department of 特殊馆藏与大学档案
1355 W. 威斯康辛州大道
密尔沃基,WI 53233

P.O. 3141箱
密尔沃基,53201 - 3141


股份可供公众使用, although patrons from off campus must obtain either a daily limited research pass or annual research pass. 有关更多信息,请参阅 图书馆的访问策略.  Some collections may also be subject to restrictions placed by donors or university offices. All researchers sign a registration form that includes an agreement to abide by rules governing use. 访问记录是通过 档案描述库存MARQCAT雷诺纪念图书馆(雷诺纪念图书馆)的在线目录.

To insure the availability of records 和 audio/visual equipment, researchers visiting from outside the 十大网赌线上网址 campus are asked to write or phone in advance.

馆际互借 borrowing is available for some materials described in these guidelines.


Use of materials in the Prucha 档案 Reading Room is conditional upon the following rules 和 procedures.


Upon arrival, visitors must register with the reading room attendant.

个人物品, 包括外套, 公文包, 背包, 书包和钱包, 不允许进入阅览室. 这些物品可以存放在入口附近的储物柜里.

Laptop computers are permitted in the reading room provided they are removed from their cases 和 their use does not disturb other researchers. Permission must be obtained during the registration process in order to use cameras, 扫描仪和其他图像复制设备.

手机铃声应设为静音. 阅览室内不准打电话.

The archives staff reserves the rights to inspect notes 和 photocopies during your visit.


Food, beverages 和 tobacco are forbidden in the reading room.

Materials from Special Collections 和 档案 do not circulate 和 may not be removed from the reading room.

Collections are maintained in areas closed to the public. 所有项目的请求都是按需填写的, although paging from our off-site collection storage facility may require up to 40 minutes. The attendant reserves the right to limit the number of materials requested at a time.

为了保护文件的完整性,研究人员必须 保持物料的原始订单. If there is any doubt as to the order of documents please notify the room attendant.

Researchers must use one box at a time 和 examine one folder at a time.

所有的材料都必须小心轻放. 不要在任何文件上做记号、抹去或留下痕迹. The attendant may supply visitors examining photographic materials with cotton gloves.

Archival materials must remain in clear view of the attending staff at all times.

The use of certain documents may be restricted by law or the office of origin/donor. 为了保护它的财产, the department reserves the right to restrict the use of materials that are not arranged or are in the process of being arranged, 价值非凡的材料和易碎材料.

复印 & 复制服务

Due to copyright, format or their fragile nature, not all materials can be reproduced.

工作人员 will seek to complete photocopy requests during your visit, 但是有些请求可能需要几个工作日, 而且还得付复制费.

档案 staff may decline to provide photocopies whenever adequate alternatives are available on microfilm, 在数字收藏或其他媒体中.

Please confer with the attendant about additional information on photocopying 和 scanning. 决不分离任何材料选择复制.


允许发布, reproduce or display many unpublished documentary sources, 超越了“合理使用”的界限,,必须从版权持有人处获得. It is the researcher’s responsibility to secure that permission. The archives’ furnishing of a print or digital copy for private study is not authorization to publish. 此外, 书面许可 雷诺纪念图书馆的资料, 在出版之前, 使用超出合理使用范围的物品或报价. Please consult with an archivist about specific collection guidelines 和 consult our Application for Printing, Publication or Exhibit of Photographic Materials.

Additional copyright information is available at the archives reference desk.

同意这些条款, the research agrees to indemnify 和 hold harmless 十大靠谱网赌平台 和 its staff against all suits, 索赔, actions 和 expenses arising out of his/her use of the unpublished materials here.


请使用以下学分:十大靠谱网赌平台, Department of 特殊馆藏与大学档案.

Information about preparing proper citations is available upon request.

注意: Researchers in the Department of 特殊馆藏与大学档案 are required to read 和 sign the 阅览室的规则 form. 在帮助用户, staff members often become aware of research projects that are closely related or parallel. Most users find it helpful to know about researchers engaged in similar projects. 在阅览室签完表格后, researchers are given the option of checking a box at the bottom of the rules sheet if they wish to have their name 和 the information on their research shared. 如果他们不打勾, the nature of the user's research will be considered strictly confidential.


Amy Cooper Cary, Head of 特殊馆藏与大学档案
电话:(414)288 - 5901
传真:(414)288 - 6709

电话:(414)288 - 8741
 (414) 288-6709

电话:(414)288 - 5906
传真:(414)288 - 6709

Susan Stawicki-Vrobel,档案技术助理
电话:(414)288 - 7256
传真:(414)288 - 6709

热情帮助 提供有关食物的资料, nearby lodging 和 special needs for visitors to Special Collections 和 档案. 十大靠谱网赌平台访问 提供有关旅行的一般资料, parking 和 lodging for visitors to 十大靠谱网赌平台 whereas 访问密尔沃基 提供有关该城市的广泛信息. In 2007, USA Weekend rated Milwaukee as one of the top 10 best U.S. 品尝当地风味的地方.